… wedding photography :: what to expect

Frequently asked questions about my approach to wedding photography :)

How long are you there for on our wedding day and what does this typically cover?

Each wedding package i offer includes 8 hours of photography on the day of your wedding.  Your wedding day starts off with the moments of anticipation as you prepare with your loved one’s for your wedding ceremony.  Following the getting ready portion of the day it’s either straight to the ceremony, or the first look between you and your partner soon to be.  My approach to your ceremony shots is very non obtrusive to ensure that the focus remains on you during this very personal and important moment between you and your partner, family and friends.  After the ceremony is typically when family, group shots and formal portraits of the couple are taken … and then into cocktail hour and your reception as you celebrate into the night!

Should we consider a ‘First Look’? What are the benefits to this?

The ‘First Look’ is a fairly recent trend that couples have caught onto and something i like to suggest for those willing to break tradition.  Typically the first look takes place after the couple is ready and before the ceremony.  I like to recommend this idea for two reasons : 1 – This moment becomes something very intimate for just the two of you to share (sometimes couples do include their close family and friends to witness this as well) and becomes a way to break the ice of the nerves and anticipation that usually surround the walk down the aisle.  2- You get to enjoy more of your party!  Typically the formal family photos and portraits of the couple take place immediately following the ceremony and into the cocktail hour.  Planning on seeing each other before the ceremony allows for you to take those images beforehand so you can go straight from your vows to your party.  If you are planning a wedding in the early spring or mid to late fall i also highly recommend the first look as the night approaches much faster and a first look allows you to utilize as much natural light as possible for your images.

What is your style? Do you do posed pictures or do you take a more photo-journalistic approach?

My style falls along the lines of photo journalism as I like to capture the story of your wedding as it unfolds naturally as opposed to forcing moments or being intrusive.  However, i love interacting with my clients during the day as I get to know you and your personality throughout the day to ensure that I create images that cater to each individual couple.  The only moments where I step in and give direction is during the formal family, group and couple portraits in order to makes sure everyone knows where to be and what to do in order to get you back to your party and enjoying your company – even during this portion of the day, i make sure that everyone is relaxed and having a good time.

Do you travel outside of your area to photograph weddings?

YES!  I love destination weddings and photographing new locations.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if your wedding is not in the Upstate NY area – i am always willing to travel!